To Unlimited Potential, Abundance & Freedom In Your Life

Do You Feel Like You're Going Sane In An Insane World?

Me too! I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. 

Welcome to the movement of do'ers, dreamers and believers. We "SAY YES" to living life on our own terms, we choose experiences over things, we fight for freedom in our lives, we build businesses that make an impact, we have fun and seek out connections, and we believe in complete abundance!

Before Mitch Asser finally broke through to build multiple successful online businesses he had a lot of adversity he overcame. From abusing drugs and alcohol as a teenager, to losing tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure all this 'make money online' stuff out.

Mitch's story is the perfect example of how anybody can overcome the obstacles in their life and achieve anything they set their mind to. Fast forward a few short years he built a successful online business with an audience of more than 60,000 people that was eventually acquired. He's scaled his own Digital Marketing Agency to more than 6 figures in the first 12 months of full operation. And has now co-founded as fast growth ecommerce brand.

He's helped his clients generate more than 400,000 email subscribers resulting in over $5 Million in revenue.

For most of his late 20s he lived from a suitcase travelling to more than 20 countries and living in 5 different cities living the digital nomadic life.

Mitch embraces his 'weirdness' when not working and has an unwavering commitment to personal growth and spirituality studying topics like Law of Attraction, Meditation & Mindfulness and Natural Health.

He also loves getting to the beach, surfing and is often seeking a new adventure to add to his memory bank.


I dedicate my life to mastery in all areas. From building and selling online businesses, to living life on my own terms with complete abundance.

I created the "SAY YES" movement to bring together like-minded, like-hearted individuals to support each other on our journeys.