Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery Program Review + My Personal Results

[2024 Update] My Results...

Since 2016 I've now been involved with over 50 virtual summits in some capacity. About half of them have been for my own brands, and the other half or clients. 

From those summits I've generated over 1,000,000 email subscribers. My most recent business was in the holistic pet care niche. We've had over 220,000 attendees to our virtual summits in the last 3 years, and we've turned those leads into millions of dollars in revenue. 

Summits still work! If you'd like to see a summit masterclass from me, please let me know!

If you're considering purchasing Virtual Summit Mastery by Navid Moazzez, checkout the story about how I've now built 2 six-figure online businesses from virtual summits. 

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Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery program helped me take my online business in the (overcrowded) health niche from 0 to 6-figures in 2016/2017 and will continue to help me even more in 2018 (and beyond).

But can it really help you too? Or are summits dead?

In this review you’ll learn what Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery program is all about, both the good and the bad. Although if you stick to the system, keep implementing and continue to build upon your successes there are basically no bad things about this program.

UPDATE: Download your FREE CHEAT SHEET: 7 Steps To Exponentially Grow Your Audience, Influence & Revenue With Virtual Summits (even if you’re starting from scratch)

Who is Navid Moazzez?

Back in 2012 I was travelling around Europe with some friends and I spent 3 weeks in Stockholm, Sweden. Through a friend of a friend, I was introduced to Navid one night just before we were heading out to a nightclub (I no longer party). We said hello, briefly chatted and then stayed in touch via Facebook. Within just a few weeks Navid launched his website and podcast. I still remember listening to his very first episode and giving it a 5-star review to help a brother out.

From there, my path went in a different direction for a 2 years but then we connected again while I was living in Thailand. Now 2 years later, Navid hosted his first online summit, The Branding Summit, and bought in over $30k in revenue and grew his email list considerably at the same time. At this point I was again curious about online businesses and when he mentioned he was launching his pilot program called Virtual Summit Mastery I was in (but more on that soon).

The Huffington Post says Navid Moazzez is the world’s leading expert on producing profitable virtual summits. His students have generated 100,000’s of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales. Navid’s mission is to show you what is really working to start and grow your profitable online business, wherever you’re starting.

First off, a full disclaimer: Navid is a friend, mentor and I also do have an affiliated partnership arrangement with him for any services I provide for his students. I only ever work with people who I know is over-delivering in value with their programs, and that I have personally had success with. Also, if he is accepting affiliates at the time that you are reading this, then I may also get a small commission for your purchase of VSM (at no extra cost to you).

Why I decided to host a Virtual Summit?

As I mentioned already, when I signed up as a pilot student I didn’t even have a business at the time. I initially thought I was going to create a summit within the fitness niche.

The reason why I decided to host a summit is because it just MADE SO MUCH SENSE…

I loved learning.

I enjoyed connecting with successful people and studying what made them that way.

I was really good at the technical ‘stuff’

And I knew I wanted to make a massive impact in other people’s lives while at the same time doing something I loved.

Virtual Summit Mastery ticked all of those boxes. In fact, it was the best program to meet my needs. I was the host for our first two summits and it was a great experience. The exact people who had helped me overcome challenges in my own life, I was now interviewing regularly.

Some of these connections have turned out to be friendships, business partnerships or joint venture partners.

Right before I invested in VSM, I had just “failed” at another business. I spent 6 months with a buddy in Thailand, trying to launch a men’s lifestyle blog. We ran out of money. It did not take off like we thought it would.

This experience, plus hearing about Navid’s success with The Branding Summit (which you can still get as a bonus with List Building School) taught me a very valuable lesson. I needed to be patient, commit to doing just 1 thing and learn from those who have already walked the path that you are seeking.

If Navid could build a successful online business within 2 years or less, while connecting with other successful influencers and helping make an impact in other people’s lives then I knew I could too.

And in that moment, I committed to VSM and myself. Committing to SUCCESS. And I didn’t care how long it too me to become successful, but failure was not an option.

What is Virtual Summit Mastery?

When I first signed up for Virtual Summit Mastery I still didn’t really know what a summit was. All I knew is that if I can spend some time working as hard as Navid does, and make $30k in a month, while doing something I love and sharing a message that could make a massive impact on other people’s lives, then I was in!

Ultimately, Virtual Summit Mastery, is a proven system to deliver a valuable online virtual summit in order to massively grow your email list and generate revenue for your business. Navid describes an online summit as a “podcast on steroids”, and I agree.

But it’s not about a “get-rich-quick” system.

It’s much, much more.

Basically, there is a lot of misinformation out there around summits and most people are doing it wrong.

I have personally received emails asking to be a speaker on a summit where you can tell it is done ‘cheap’ and nothing but an attempt at a list grab. Because of these people summits have got a bad wrap in the past, but VSM brings a whole new level of “EPIC-NESS” to the table.

Virtual Summit Mastery is the most effective program I have experienced at accelerating your results, networking with other influencers in your niche and making a massive impact in the market place…within a very small time-frame.

My Personal Results with Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery Program

While most VSM students have really fast successes with their summits, I was NOT one of them. I knew with all of my heart from the very first summit I created that this was the answer to building the business and lifestyle that I wanted to create, but unfortunately the results did not catch up until my 3rd summit.

For 12 months I worked hard (as a side hustle) putting together my summits. The first one, barely broke even. The second, made a few thousand dollars. But the third, thing’s started to heat up. And then the 4th, we made more money in 1 month then what I used to make in an entire year.

And this caught the attention of Navid. So if you do want to hear an inspiring, detailed version of my results you can do so here in a full in-depth case study with Navid Moazzez for Virtual Summit Mastery.

Here is a quick snapshot of my results…

In the first summit, we could have considered it a failure, and quit. I had less than 1,000 people sign up and made right around $700. But that paid for my expenses and I got to connect with some great people.

Since then, I have completed my 2nd and 3rd summit, which have been much better.

Our latest summit we had over 15,000 people sign up and that turned into $55,325 in revenue from the All-Access Pass. In total, the VSM system has helped us generate over 23,000 subscribers and over $80,000 in revenue when taking into account all sales. It has been the catalyst in taking our business to 6-figures.

Questions about Virtual Summit Mastery?

Read on for answers to some of your burning questions about Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery Program:

– What Kind of Results are Other Virtual Summit Mastery Students Getting?

I have never seen so many incredible results that are consistently coming into the VSM Facebook Group. There are literally people from all walks of life, creating epic results from all sorts of summit topics and niches. Here are just a few:

Meet Augustas Kligys, a non-native English speaker who went from no business, no contacts, no expertise & no list to over 5,000 subscribers and $58K+ in revenue!

Meet Diana Rowan, the musician in a “non-traditional” market with a tiny list who added 2,100 subscribers and got 460 sales with her first Virtual Harp Summit (including launching a membership site after the summit that now brings in recurring revenue month after month).

Meet Steph Gaudreau, the weightlifting coach who was VERY doubtful about creating a summit in a saturated niche… who still grew her email list by 19,560 subscribers and generated 100’s of sales with the Women’s Strength Summit. Steph has also been a speaker on one of my events (another great benefit to being a part of this program) 

And many more here…

– Will this work for me if I’m just starting out with no email list and no influential connections in my field right now?

YEP! I didn’t when I got started. You do NOT need an email list, connections, or even an existing business or product. You can grow your audience rapidly with your virtual summit. The summit will serve as an incredible accelerator for your business and brand.

When Navid started out online (before he discovered the power of virtual summits…), it took him 18 months to get to his first 1,000 subscribers! Then he produced his first virtual summit and grew his list by almost 3,000 highly engaged subscribers in less than a month — starting almost from Square One (maybe like you?). Navid has MANY students who started VSM with NOTHING… but they were committed to taking MASSIVE ACTION, and they reaped the results.

– I’m already successful. Is Virtual Summit Mastery just for beginners?

Not at all. In fact, those with successful businesses already in place have been able to rapidly accelerate their results with an online virtual summit. Just like Chandler Bolt who hosted the Self Publishing Success Summit, and grew his business from multiple 6-figures to a multi-million dollar business.

– Is Virtual Summit Mastery complicated that will overwhelm me? How do I know this will work for me and my business?

Virtual summits can work for literally ANY business!

Navid has students who have hosted very successful summits in every niche imaginable, like adoption, guitar, online business/marketing, health & fitness, personal development, gardening, tennis, traveling, insurance, real-estate, and even in small niches, like harp music and calligraphy.

You can use the VSM Method for apps and software, consulting and coaching, professional services, even physical products! As long as there’s an online audience for your niche, a virtual summit can work very well. All you need to do is simply follow the system that is laid out before you. 

– What if I don’t feel confident I can make it happen or even have an idea on what summit to create?

You don’t need to have a “virtual summit theme” or idea in mind to join Virtual Summit Mastery. (In fact, you’re actually in a great place to start from scratch with the VSM Method than “undo” an idea that isn’t “quite right.”)

Inside VSM Module 1, you walk you through exactly how to define your profitable virtual summit theme in the program step-by-step. Navid has helped many students who had no clue about what summit to create, to niche down (very important), and come up with profitable virtual summit theme this way.

– What will I get when I join Virtual Summit Mastery?

VSM 2.0 includes EVERYTHING you need to produce your first (or next) profitable virtual summit so you can exponentially grow your audience, influence and revenue…

It is a complete, step-by-step method that gives you all the resources, instructions, guidance, and tools in one place.

You’ll also have access to the incredible VSM community where Navid and his team — and 400+ other top performers — will support you!

– How involved is Navid in this course? Or does he just disappear after you register?

I don’t blame you for asking this question! I’ve seen those programs, too, where you’re sold a “mastermind community” but it’s really just a place where all the students gather, and the “expert” never even checks in!

Not VSM.

The real answer is, Navid and his team spend a lot of time (probably way more than you think!) creating the absolute BEST experience they can possibly offer for you. Specifically, you’ll see Navid on the 6 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls where you can ask ANYTHING about your summit or your business…

AND he also checks in regularly in the Private VSM Mastermind Community to answer questions, provide feedback and support, and cheer you on! So if you have questions for Navid and his team, you’ll have plenty of ways to get in touch and get answers!

My exclusive bonus if you join Virtual Summit Mastery

For the first time ever, I’m giving away my own personal “secrets to success” when it comes to virtual summits as a FREE bonus if you purchase Virtual Summit Mastery through my affiliate link. I’ve now built 2 six-figure online businesses all from online virtual summits. 

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  • BONUS #2: Virtual Summit Ads Launch Sequence Masterclass ($500 VALUE)
  • BONUS #3: Canva Templates for Virtual Summit Facebook Ads ($1,000 VALUE)
  • BONUS #4: Video Masterclass On “How To Create Highly Converting, World-Class Social Media Video Ads For Free” ($1,000 VALUE)
  • BONUS #5: Virtual Summit Metrics & Tracking Spreadsheet ($400 VALUE)
  • BONUS #6: Ad Profit School ($197 VALUE)

Click here to discover how you can claim your $5,097+ in FREE bonuses when you invest in virtual summit mastery today. If you’re going to purchase, you might as well pick up some epic bonuses to go with it. 

My 2020 Update On Results From Virtual Summits

I’ve now been behind 24 summits. 11 of them my own brands and the rest for clients, whether that means running the entire summit for them or being a key launch strategist helping them drive traffic that converts into sales. 

Combining the results from those summits we’ve helped generate over $1.1 Million From Virtual Summits (not including the backend sales). The email subscribers we’ve helped generate is over 400,000. 

That’s an average of $45,000 per summit launch in revenue, and 16,000 email subscribers per summit launch.

The proof is in the pudding, summits work when you have the right niche, topic and a proven system to follow.

UPDATE: Download your FREE CHEAT SHEET: 7 Steps To Exponentially Grow Your Audience, Influence & Revenue With Virtual Summits (even if you’re starting from scratch)

I hope to see you inside Navid Moazzez’s Virtual Summit Mastery program. It’s made the most valuable impact on my business, and I know it can help you too.

If you have any questions about VSM or my exclusive VSM student offer feel free to send me an enquiry and I will get back to you.

If you're considering purchasing Virtual Summit Mastery by Navid Moazzez, checkout the story about how I've now built 2 six-figure online businesses from virtual summits. 

Plus, if you buy through my affiliate link, how you can get over $5,097+ in free bonuses (at no extra cost to you)

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