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If you want to watch the first interview I did with Navid Moazzez about "How Mitch Built a 6-Figure Online Business Using Virtual Summits (Starting from Zero). This is the story of how I started and how I built my first online business that gave me freedom, and complete confidence that I could live life on my own terms, and the ability to be financially secure even in the most challenging economic times.

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The Fastest Way To Exponentially Grow Your Audience, Influence & Revenue
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BONUS #1: Personalised Feedback From Me On Your Virtual Summit Funnel
($2,000 VALUE)

I've been involved with 24+ online virtual summits ranging from a few thousand email subscribers to over 70,000. I've seen landing pages that convert at 20% and others at 70%. The truth is there's an art to increasing your conversion rates and reaching more people. 

There are very few people in the world in a better position to give you feedback on your funnel so that you can increase your conversion rates, reach more people and generate more revenue than myself. 

With Bonus #1 for Virtual Summit Mastery you'll get personalised feedback on your funnel so you can be certain that you're going to get the best result possible from your summit. 

BONUS #2: Virtual Summit Ads Launch Sequence Masterclass
($500 VALUE)

I've spent over $1M on Facebook Ads over the years and have created my own proven and reliable 5-step formula for Virtual Summit Facebook Ads. 

During this masterclass I'll breakdown the entire 5-step formula, and share with you the exact types of ads you should be creating, how to structure your ad sets and campaigns, and what campaign objectives you should be using. 

This will almost guarantee you'll be successful straight out of the gate with your Virtual Summit Facebook Ads launch. 

BONUS #3: Canva Templates for Virtual Summit Facebook Ads
($1,000 VALUE)

Now that you've got the formula for structuring your ads for a successful virtual summit launch, I decided to make it even easier for you. 

We've created ready-made, proven templates in Canva that we will share with you. This will save you hundreds of dollars by not having to hire a designer to create them for you. Plus you get access to what's working today. 

These templates are what I use with every client who pays me upwards of $3,750 for. Have complete certainty in your Virtual Summit Mastery purchase knowing that once you've got your summit created, you can bring highly targeted traffic to your website with our templates. 

BONUS #4: Video Masterclass On "How To Create Highly Converting, World-Class Social Media Video Ads For Free"
($1,000 VALUE)

It's no secret, video ads are everywhere. And the reason why they're everywhere is because they work so well. However what most people don't realise, is that it's very possible to create a highly converting video ad for free when it comes to a virtual summit. 

This video lesson will show you how to use 2 free tools to create visually appealing and high converting Social Media ads with full embedded transcriptions. No need to pay hundreds of dollars for a video editor, or have expensive video editing software to achieve it and I will show you how with this little-known tactic. 

BONUS #5: Virtual Summit Metrics & Tracking Spreadsheet
($400 VALUE)

In order to be successful you need to know your numbers. There are a few key metrics that need to be tracked daily during your Virtual Summit launch in order to make educated decisions on optimising your funnel. 

I'll share with you the metrics and tracking spreadsheet I use on every virtual summit so I know which part of the funnel to optimise for better conversions. 

Knowing these metrics means you can turn and average summit into a highly converting and highly profitable virtual summit with a few tweaks in a few key parts of your virtual summit mastery funnel. 

BONUS #6: Ad Profit School
($197 VALUE)

In the final bonus for Virtual Summit Mastery I bought together 20 of the worlds leading Facebook Ads experts and asked them to share their number 1, proven Facebook Ad strategy that will stand the test of time. 

You'll get complete lifetime access to 20 Masterclasses, Action Guides and MP3's of each masterclass to listen at your own convenience. 

Discover how the worlds best advertisers are consistently generating thousands of subscribers per month and tens of millions of dollars each year with Facebook Ads. 

Total =
$5,097 VALUE

​Who Is Navid Moazzez?

I’m a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, virtual event host, course creator and super affiliate, living my best life in Panama City, Panama and around the world. I've generated 10,000's of qualified leads and millions of dollars from my online business through online summits, online courses and affiliate marketing.

I’ve helped industry leaders like Neil Patel, Chandler Bolt, Caitlin Pyle and many others generate millions of dollars of revenue using online summits. What I’m the most proud of is that my clients and 600+ students have collectively generated millions of new email subscribers and tens of millions of dollars in sales over the past 5 years as a direct result from enrolling in my online programs.

Who Is Mitch Asser?

Mitch Asser has delivered and been a part of more online virtual summits than almost anyone in the world. He has producing and marketing world-class online virtual summits for more than 4 years in many industries, ranging from a few thousand email subscribers to more than 70,000 email subscribers in a single event..

Mitch has spent over $1 Million on Facebook Ads for virtual summit funnels with his 5-step virtual summit launch formula. 

As the Founder of Masser Media, their work has helped generate more than 300,000 email subscribers resulting in over $5 Million in revenue for his own brands and those of his clients.

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