Get Immediate Access To This 4-Part Series On "How To Create a Highly Successful Virtual Summit" that Grows Your Audience, Influence & Revenue

For the first time ever I open up the secrets to success from producing and marketing 24+ online virtual summits over the last 5 years. 

These summits have generated over 400,000 email subscribers for my own brands and my clients, over 25,000 online sales resulting in over $1.1 Million in Revenue. 

I've personally built 2 separate six-figure online businesses from virtual summits and this is your opportunity to learn how to do the same...

​​What You'll Learn

The Top 3 Reasons To Host an Online Virtual Summit

In this module I uncover my “Top 3 Reasons To Host an Online Virtual Summit”.

It’s been the secret behind my success over the last 4 years that’s allowed me to live and work from anywhere, build a lifestyle business that makes an impact and most importantly, it’s the reason why I have 2 years of expenses in the bank right now when I need it most in these challenging economic times.

With every challenging time, comes a huge amount of opportunity. And, in my opinion, hosting an online summit will be one of the most effective strategies you can implement right now. 

The 3 Virtual Summit Mistakes I Made that cost me 6-Figures+ in Lost Revenue

In this module you'll learn about the top 3 mistakes I’ve made over the last 4 years, being involved with 24+ virtual summits.

These mistakes cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue that could have been generated had I not made those mistakes.

The reason I want to share them with you is so that you don’t make the mistakes too. So you can generate the income you want, and have more security for you and your family even in the most challenging economic times

How I Built a 6-Figure Online Business Using Virtual Summits (Starting From Zero)

This exclusive interview by Navid Moazzez reveals my entire journey from zero to 6-figures using virtual summits. 

When I got started online I had no experience, no contacts, no money and I had to hustle my way into success. This captivating interview will show you that if I can do it, anyone can do it. 

And it will give you deep insights into the shortcuts you can take to get where you want to be much faster than I ever. 

How I Built 2 Different Types of Six-Figure Online Businesses From Virtual Summits

Finally, I share part 2 of my journey where I built a second online business that did over 6-figures in "collected" revenue in less than 12 months. 

What took me 3 years to achieve I was able to do in under a year. It was a completely different business model, and a little-known strategy that you can follow to build a successful online business fast...(that almost no one else is doing right now)

Who Is Mitch Asser?

Mitch Asser has delivered and been a part of more online virtual summits than almost anyone in the world. He has producing and marketing world-class online virtual summits for more than 4 years in many industries, ranging from a few thousand email subscribers to more than 70,000 email subscribers in a single event..

Mitch has spent over $1 Million on Facebook Ads for virtual summit funnels with his 5-step virtual summit launch formula. 

As the Founder of Masser Media, their work has helped generate more than 300,000 email subscribers resulting in over $5 Million in revenue for his own brands and those of his clients.