The 3 Types of Ads to Run To Become an Authority in Your Industry


Do want to become an authority in your niche very, very quickly?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t?

I’m want to show you the three types of ads that you need to run in order to become and authority in your niche as quickly as you possibly.

So that you can create more leads, get more sales, do more good in the world and ultimately grow a business that is profitable for the long term, so you’re relevant and the go to person in your industry. This allows you to charge premium prices. Sounds pretty cool, right? So let’s get into it.

#1. Show Them Who You Are

We’ve all seen those vulnerable posts online and the reason is because people want to connect to whoever it is on the other side of their computer. There are a lot of masks that are shown on Facebook, Instagram and just social media in general.

If you can pull back that mask a little bit and show the people who you really are, so that they can understand you on an emotional level, they may begin to relate to you and then they will connect with you on a much more personal level.

When people connect with you, they start to trust you which ultimately leads to authority.

What I would suggest is hiring a videographer or setting something up within a really great space, with great sound, possibly two camera angles and just tell your story. If you haven’t learned how to tell a story through the filters of storytelling then do some learning first. You want to be invoking different emotions, where you’re talking about the challenges you have had to overcome on your journey, the defining moments, the tough times and the times you have overcome adversity. I am sure we have all heard of the “reluctant hero” in copywriting. There is a reason we see this often in marketing pieces we receive. They work!.

When you share your story through those filters, you begin to relate to the people that you’re trying to reach.

When you have that really great piece of content setup, you can use Facebook Reach campaign objective, and choose to run the frequency of the ad to just a couple of times per week. You can also setup a custom audience so that those you want to view this ad will only see it for a certain amount of time. Eg. The first 21 days after they opted into your email list.

Rather than going for the quick sale and using scarcity tactics, we can use this method to build a relationship over a period of time. By being a person, a human being on the other side and creating that connection with your tribe so you can ultimately build a long term sustainable and profitable business.

#2. The Proof ad.

Proving that you’ve actually done something cool…

This can be achieved many different ways. Probably one of the best ways is to be featured in a large media publication like the Huffington Post, NBC, Entrepreneur and so on, then send your subscribers to those articles. You can use different tools that will still pixel people who go through to another website like –

Facebook will still track those people who have gone to those particular pages when using software like Pixel Me. You can use the same strategy as #1 and setup a Reach objective campaign so that you reach people for a certain amount of time, like the first 14 days from when they signed up to your email list and showcasing that article a couple of times each week.

Even if they don’t engage on the post, they’ve seen you’ve been featured in these prominent places.

If you are just starting out and have not been featured in anything just yet, something that I learned from Bastian Ernst from Wild Audience is a “love page”. It’s an amazing concept and I really think more people should be implementing it.

It’s a more in depth testimonial page where you’ve just got a full page highlighting what you’ve done for other people and how you’ve affected their lives. Showcasing how you’ve got a result for them and how much they thank you for that. You could also take certain parts of that page and showcase it directly on Facebook with a carousel ad or similar.

The best way to convert your current subscribers into customers is to show them how you’ve taken someone who was in their place and got them to where they want to be. If you want to get even more targeted, make those pages for different people. For example, if you’ve got one person that wants to get to that first $1,000 then you make a page full of people who you’ve helped get to their first $1,000.

Whereas, if you’ve got a page where you are getting people from 500 thousand to a million dollars, but someone wants to make just their first $1,000, it’s going to be a disconnect. Make sure it’s relevant to the people for where they are right now.

#3. Installing Belief Ads.

This strategy is maybe more advanced and potentially not one you always need to do but can be very effective when done right. With a background in NLP, I understand that there are ways that you can use language to install beliefs into people. I mean this in a totally ethical way because people will call out bullshit these days.

If you’re trying to manipulate or persuade people to do something in a negative way or unethical way, they’re going to call you out very quickly. We’ve seen the marketing tactics over the years and the decades, and they don’t work anymore.

What I’m talking about is using language and linguistics to install beliefs in people who are almost at the place you want them to be. They know they’ve got a pain point. They know they need a solution, but they don’t know what that solution is. By using your words to help them understand their problem a little bit deeper and showing them the solution will help install a belief for them to take action and get the result they desire. Ideally the solution will lead into a program or a service where you can provide much more value to them on a much deeper level and get them a result quickly.

I truly believe that conscious entrepreneurs like you, who create great program and services to solve a pain point, are the ones that really make the biggest difference in this world. There are many entrepreneurs with this mindset. Some make bigger differences than others, but I think that everyone is just as important as each other.

If you are still here reading this post then there’s probably a lot of good that you want to do in the world. For you to do more good it means you need to be more profitable by making more sales and generating more income so that you can continue to reinvest into your business, to grow that business.

I hope you become an authority in your niche so that you become the go to person so you can charge higher, more premium prices. Ultimately that leads you to getting more leads, making more sales and doing more good in the world and that’s what I’m all about.

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