Our affiliate program is currently closed unless you meet the following requirements:

If you:

- Have an email list of 20,000 people or more or a social media following of 100,000 or more


- Are willing to send at least 2 solo emails to that email list or 3 social media posts and 5 stories

If this applies to you and your business and you're still looking to promote our products get in touch.
We offer 70% commissions on most of our offers.

We Give You All The Tools And
Support You Need

Once you are an approved affiliate you will get access to our JV member’s area where we give you all the tools
you’ll need to maximize your results.

We know that you’re busy, so we want to make it super easy for you to share this with audience. We’ll send

you all the material, swipe copy and tracking links, you need. All to make it as quick and easy as possible for you!


We invest in top-notch professional copywriters to help with your email copy and  you benefit! We give you email copy that you can just copy, paste & send! Of course, you are free to edit, tweak, and change whatever parts of the email you wish or just write your own entirely (which I do for my own affiliate promotions most of the time).


Got a question? Don’t wait for a support ticket to get answered. During the launch, my team and I are very active in the FB group so you can get immediate answers. You’ll also be able to get feedback and ask questions to the other affiliate partners. See what’s working for others so you can maximize your promo.


Links are easy to find and ready to copy paste. No looking in past emails to find your unique link and then wondering if it still works.


Access the data you need to track your efforts. We use the awesome Thrive Cart affiliate platform for tracking. Just login to the affiliate center, and you can see all your stats, from clicks, and sales.


Want to run ads for the summit launch? We fully support it and even give you images & copy you can use (assuming you have a decent FB audience to make it worthwhile).