Mitch Asser is proudly one of the 'weird ones'. He lives full-time in his fully converted Mercedes Sprinter Campervan, while running a multi 6-figure digital marketing company. When he isn't working from a co-working space office, cafe, library or from his van in front of the beach he enjoys meditating, surfing, hiking and personal growth. He gets super excited over health food shops and plant-based cafes, and, without fail, he drinks his 'medicinal' hot chocolate every morning.

Mitch built and sold a multi 6-figure natural health company from the ground up. He used many growth hacking methods to go from a following of 0 to in just 3 short years over 60,000 people and over 3,000 customers. A lot of his success has come from online virtual summits.

In fact, Mitch has delivered and/or been a part of more online virtual summits than almost anyone in the world. He has been on the front-lines of direct response digital marketing for over 4 years. Through his work on his own businesses and his clients he's been able to help generate more than 250,000 highly qualified leads resulting in over $5 Million in revenue.