Online Summits transformed my business and the way I live my life allowing me to grow my business from 0 to 6-figures in less than 12 months. 

I want to help other's achieve the same!

Mitch Asser
Founder of Fast Way To Health
Creator of The Fasting Summit 

Virtual Summit Mastery Case Study
Mitch Asser with Navid Moazzez

A Quick Snapshot of My Results

Online summits are all about creating relationships, being consistent and never giving up. While there may be a lot of hard work upfront you can see that it eventually starts to pay off. Read down further below for the full report. 



Revenue (USD)

Summit #1

October 2015


approx. $700

Summit #2

January 2016


approx. $3,000

Summit #3

October 2016



Summit #4

July 2017



A Personal Review of Virtual Summit Mastery created by Navid Moazzez

Back in 2012 while travelling around the world with some really successful entrepreneurs like Best-Selling Authors, eCommerce Business Owners, ex-Professional Surfer's, Multi-Millionaire Affiliate Marketers, Japan's Leading Personal Development Trainer and many other inspiring individuals I was able to network my way into a community of like-minded people who know how to run a successful business that allows them the freedom to travel the world while doing what they love. 

During this trip, I met Navid Moazzez while I was in Stockholm, Sweden. He just launched his website virtually the day we met. 

I watched him go from no online presence at all, to creating a podcast and getting a small amount of traction and then eventually creating his first online summit which generated him over $30,000 in revenue. I was so happy for him, as he had been working so hard for 2 years at what he loved. 

When he said he was creating a course to teach others how to create a successful summit, and that a pilot group was opening up, I knew I had to be in for that.

I love learning. I love online marketing. And I love health and fitness.

Virtual Summit Mastery was the answer to my prayers on how to combine the 3 passions together in order to run my own lifestyle business. 

My VSM Experience

After my third summit, I started getting some traction and Navid asked me to share my success story. The below is a copy of what I sent him, but with updated figures to include our latest summit. Hope you enjoy! 

Who are you and what’s your business (after VSM)?

My name is Mitch Asser, my business is in the health niche. Our website is where we focus on all you need to know about fasting; Intermittent Fasting, Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and more.

What were you struggling with the most before you joined Navid’s VSM? What did your business and life look like?

Before joining VSM I had no online presence at all. I was not entirely sure of the direction I wanted to take but I knew VSM could help. And while my business looks very different to what it was just 18 months ago, I did not let it stop me getting started.

My business has evolved from very general and nonspecific to now laser focused on a great market within the health industry, where I have connected with over 100+ leading health experts from around the world.

Why did you want to host a summit and why was it the best way for you?

I LOVE learning. I am a student of life. And I genuinely want to share what I learn with others to improve their mind, body and soul and life a life that is more productive, energetic and full of passion for what they do.Many of the speakers I have connected with by hosting a summit have been those who have helped me improve my health and well-being, so having direct access to them has been invaluable for me to know that I am serving and contributing something of incredible value to the world.

Why did you join VSM (and not other courses)? What was your thought when you first found out about VSM? Did you do any research before you purchased?

I was fortunate enough to follow Navid from day 1, when he started out many years ago. I saw his perseverance, persistence and how he continued to become better and better at his craft.

I have spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars on programs in the past, and while I was hesitant about being let down yet again by another online course, I knew that Navid would over-deliver with this course.

What I did not know is how much he would actually over-deliver, the material and resources from the course are THE BEST I have ever seen from any course or program I have invested in.

What are some specific strategies, tactics or pieces of advice you learned in VSM that helped you create a successful (and profitable) virtual summit?

The best strategy I have learned is to how to stand out from the crowd when approaching speakers to get them on my summits. In the health niche there are easily 4 or more big summits being promoted every single week, and more and more speakers are saying no due to the prevalence of these events, yet I have had many speakers who have accepted my invitations where they usually would not.

What specific results (email subscribers, revenue from all access pass, upsells, affiliate promos etc.) did you get by implementing what you learned in VSM? The more specific you can be here the better!

In the first summit, we could have considered it a failure, and quit. I had less then 1,000 people sign up and made right around $700. But that paid for my expenses and I got to connect with some great people.

Since then, I have completed my 2nd and 3rd summit, which have been much better.

Our latest summit we had over 15,000 people sign up and that turned into $55,325 in revenue from the All-Access Pass. In total, the VSM system has helped us generate over 23,000 subscribers and over $70,000 in revenue when taking into account all sales.

From start to finish, how long did it take you to put it together? And was it worth the time you spent?

I love this model. I have bootstrapped my business from the very start, doing all of the work myself, and the more Navid has invested in the program, the easier it has become for me.

Initially my first summit took a very long time to put together, but by using the templates Navid has available and using the recommended tools it has become much easier and well worth the time. Now I am at a point where I can start outsourcing some of these tasks, but still have a great understanding at how fast these tasks should be done which is invaluable as an entrepreneur growing a business.

What was the cost of putting together your summit?

My first summit I put together for about $500. And the return on investment tripled.

This last summit we invested over $15,000 (mostly on paid advertising) which was worth the investment for where we are with our work.

Did you face any big challenges in your journey to create, promote and launch your summit? How did VSM and the community help you overcome them?

Putting together events like this there are always challenges that you will be facing at some point. There are so many moving parts and I have no idea how I could have got through it without asking a few questions to the VSM community and because the group is so active all of the questions were answered within minutes from people who have had similar experiences and how they got over the challenge.

How did you feel when you made your first sale from the summit?

Seeing that first sale come in was a huge confidence booster and was the first “real” money I had made online on my own. Then it just comes down to trusting the process and knowing your numbers for the next summits so that you can continue to grow your business effectively.

How has hosting this virtual summit changed your business and life?

The biggest way it has changed my life has been from the learnings I have received firsthand from all of the speakers. From the summits I have had on-going partnerships and friendships blossom, that will serve me for many years to come.Most of all though, when you meet the speakers and chat with them off camera, you realise they are just like you, and that if they can do it, then you can do it too.

Were there any surprises that resulted from hosting your virtual summit that you didn’t expect at first?

My sister went to an in-person seminar on the opposite side of the country and met a stranger who was at the conference who started talking about the work I do and how much she loved the daily emails that I send to my tribe after the summit, which was a bit of a surreal experience to hear about.

What are you most excited about for your business moving forward?

I am most excited about knowing that I can pretty much co-ordinate anything and everything I need in order to grow my business. I have experience with all aspects of the business, from customer service, to sales, to design, to tech, to building relationships and everything in between. I have an idea of how these tasks can be done, how long it should take and any other important information that would be needed when outsourcing each different part of my business.

And also how I can take the summits I have done and turn them into other content, challenges, books, trainings and more.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The support and active community in VSM is the best ever!

As an active member of the Virtual Summit Mastery program and community, what would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining VSM?If you are serious about taking action and growing a lifestyle business then how can you say no to such a program that is producing such incredible results in all different niches. The only way you will not succeed with VSM is if you don’t do anything with it or give up. Even if takes you 3-4 summits to start becoming noticed in your niche, you will have hours of previous summit content available to use as high value products. This is the best program I have ever invested in, and I will stand by that statement. Take action and get started!

What’s the BEST part of VSM in your opinion and why?

VSM has an awesome active community that are always willing to help out immediately. Any question I have asked from the community has been answered in depth within just a few hours, usually by Navid and many others as well. With so many successful summits, almost any challenge you may face has probably been dealt with before by others, and their support and advice is invaluable.

Mitch’s Recommendations:
• When doing something new, you’ll always face challenges. Having a community to turn to can make all the difference.
• Don’t just invest in a program; invest in someone you believe is “the real thing.”
• Your first summit is just that: Your FIRST summit! It’s a starting place you can build upon.


I didn't even mean to get into marketing and summit technical solutions. It was all by demand that clients started coming to me. Which means I will only work with those who are aligned to the work I do. You must be genuine with wanting to help people solve a problem, know how or be interested in providing a lot of value to your audience and a good person to work with. 

If that is you, there are a number of ways I can help: 




Virtual Summit Options

If you take the time to research the other options you have to produce online events of this kind, you will find them start from anywhere upwards of $20,000 USD. I have seen companies charge well over $30,000 to do this kind of technical work for you in the health space.

Since I love these events, and I will only work with people who are aligned with my values then I wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to get started. If I you are as motivated as me to create incredibly valuable online events that serves the audience to live a better life, then choose your option below and get in touch:

Long Term Partnership

  • Training on How to Host a Successful Event
  • All Website Technical Work
  • Full Email Service Setup using your CRM
  • All Promotional Images + Videos
  • Full Time Support
  • Facebook Ads Advertising - $2,000 initial budget
  • Membership Area + Payment Processing 
  • Insider Secrets from over 2 years experience
  • Percentage of Profits Split - 50% | 50% 

1 Time Only Event

  • Training on How to Host a Successful Event
  • All Website Technical Work
  • Full Email Service Setup using your CRM
  • All Promotional Images + Videos
  • Full Time Support
  • Facebook Ads Advertising ($2,000 Retargeting Campaign) - *Other Ads Additional Charge
  • Membership Area + Payment Processing 
  • Insider Secrets from over 2 years experience
  • No on-going events (can purchase a new package)
  • No profits split (you keep all profits)

Facebook Advertising Options

1 Time Event

  • 5 Step Summit Process
  • Quality Check of Landing & Sales Page
  • All Images (video ads not incl.)
  • Launching, Testing & Scaling Campaigns
  • Regular Reporting 

On-going Ads

  • 5 Step Campaign Process
  • Quality Check of Landing & Sales Page
  • All Images (video ads not incl.)
  • Launching, Testing & Scaling Campaigns
  • Regular Reporting

1-on-1 Consulting Pricing Options

​or... 1-on-1 Consultation

​If you would prefer to just talk about the strategy I also do 1-on-1 Consultations where I can provide you feedback on all parts of the summit you are stuck with: 

  • Initial Idea Stage & Concept
  • Technical Support and Best Practises
  • How to Land Influencers
  • Pricing & Offers
  • Backend Offers
  • Advertising Metrics & Strategies
  • and more..

Pricing for 1-on-1 Consultations are $200USD per hour. No limit to how many hours you can purchase. Must be prepaid before the call is booked. 

Let's Talk!

If you have read this far then it is highly likely we are meant to work together. Submit the form below and I will be in touch. 

Hey friend, my name is Mitch Asser. I Founded FastWayToHealth, a leading health media website. Using online virtual summits and Facebook advertising we were able to scale our business to 6-figures and beyond. 

I didn't mean to get into online marketing, but I had a lot of people ask me for help, and they continue to send referrals as we get great results (probably why you are here). I am a health nerd, online marketing nerd and work harder than anyone I know...purely because I love it! Thanks for checking out my website and I look forward to getting to know you!