Online Summits & Facebook™ Ads transformed my business and the way I live my life allowing me to grow my business from virtually 0 to 6-figures in less than 12 months. 

NOW I help other's achieve the same!

Mitch Asser
Founder of Fast Way To Health
Creator of The Fasting Summit 

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Hi, my name is Aliky and I launched our healthy Gut Experts Summit project in 2018 which started in 2017 and I really wanted to share a little of my experience having worked with Mitch directly. If you're looking for assistance on any aspect of an online event or summit, or even, optimized FB Ads strategy and support, I highly recommend Mitch. He is a professional, responsive, strategic, able to execute on many aspects of assisting us with our summit, evergreen and ongoing summits of which we have in plan. Mitch did an excellent job creating: videos that were profitable on Facebook, good Facebook ads, reducing website registration costs and optimizing the marketing process.

ALIKY kouroupis Healthy gut experts summit

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how i can help?

I didn't even mean to get into marketing and summit technical solutions. It was all by demand that clients started coming to me. Which means I will only work with those who are aligned to the work I do. You must be genuine with wanting to help people solve a problem, know how or be interested in providing a lot of value to your audience and a good person to work with. 

If that is you, there are a number of ways I can help: 




Virtual Summit Options

If you take the time to research the other options you have to produce online events of this kind, you will find them start from anywhere upwards of $10,000 USD. I have seen companies charge well over $30,000 to do this kind of technical work for you in the health space.

Since I love these events, and I will only work with people who are aligned with my values then I wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to get started. If I you are as motivated as me to create incredibly valuable online events that serves the audience to live a better life, then choose your option below and get in touch.

packages CAN include

  • Suggestions on How to Host a Successful Event
  • All Website Technical Work
  • Full ESP Setup with customised emails
  • Promotional Images, Guides and Resources 
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    Promotional Videos
  • check
    Copy writing
  • Full Time Support
  • Membership Area + Payment Processing 
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    Sales tracking templates
  • Insider Secrets from over 2 years experience
  • NEW: Summit turned into an Evergreen Summit Funnel running completely on autopilot

(no email optin required)

NEW: Evergreen Virtual Summit

ALSO... What do you do when you have finished your summit? 

Most people let a sales page sit there and make maybe 1 or 2 sales per month. 

What if you could turn the summit into a proper evergreen summit so that you can use it to funnel in new leads to your sales process forever! Using a very detailed and unique system we are able to turn your successful summit into an evergreen summit, running it completely on Auto-Pilot so that you can continue to grow your business. 

Get in touch to learn more about how we can do this for your successful summit.

Facebook Advertising Options

Putting together an online virtual summit takes a huge amount of time and effort. So why not maximize your results by making sure you are using the most powerful advertising platform in the world...Facebook. You may have tried Facebook ads in the past and failed, I get's tough. Facebook is constantly evolving and you need to have someone, like me, be at the forefront of those changes to help you get great results with your events.

* all ads are currently run by me personally (not my team).

packages can include

  • 5 Step Summit Campaign Process
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    Full Summit Launch
  • check
    Evergreen Promotions
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     Retargeting Campaign Only Option
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    Quality Check of Landing & Sales Page
  • All Images for Promotions
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    Video Ads for Promotions
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    Website conversion optimization
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    Facebook Pixel Installation
  • Launching, Testing & Scaling Campaigns
  • Regular Reporting

(no email optin required)

Let's Talk!

If you have read this far then it is highly likely we are meant to work together. Due to the exclusivity of our preferred client service we only take on a handful of clients that are referred or invited at any given time. Please click below to apply for our bespoke preferred gold package and find out about our other services.

Hey friend, my name is Mitch Asser. I Founded FastWayToHealth, a leading health media website. Using online virtual summits and Facebook advertising we were able to scale our business to 6-figures and beyond. 

I didn't mean to get into online marketing, but I had a lot of people ask me for help, and they continue to send referrals as we get great results (probably why you are here). I am a health nerd, online marketing nerd and work harder than anyone I know...purely because I love it! Thanks for checking out my website and I look forward to getting to know you! 

I have been responsible for assisting in gaining over 40,000 new subscribers for myself and my clients and over $120,000 in sales all from Virtual Online Summits. 

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