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About Mitch Asser

Life can go by in a flash. So what should we choose to experience before we transition out? I share an my experiences on an unconventional path filled with adventure, soul-seeking conversations, online business and ultimate happiness


So why are we so scared to live our ultimate life? 

For many years I've paved my own path, choosing an unconventional life. Sometimes it got me into trouble, but mostly it's been incredibly fun and rewarding. 

I remember when I had less than $20 in my bank account and had to live with my sister so I could get back on my feet. 

Fast forward a few short years later I've personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars online and helped clients generate millions as a digital marketer. 

But what I'm proud of the most are the experiences I've had along the way. The countries I've lived in and traveled to. The deep inner awakening's and journey's I've endured.

The only regret I have is that I haven't documented that journey because I know there a millions of people seeking the life I've been fortunate enough to create for myself. 

But this is where the tides turn... It's time for me to give back and share the journey.

Join me on this adventure as we dive deep into living in a van, having soul-seeking conversations with other inspirational legends, how I've generated hundreds of thousands online and how you too can begin to live a life that you can't wait to wake up to every morning. 

What Do I Actually Do?


Ever since I became more conscious of my choices and the life I want to live I naturally shedded many layers of beliefs. 

Consequently, my personal belongings started decreasing at a rapid pace until minimalism became one of my core values. 

I've travelled more than 16 countries, and live in SE Asia. But there's no place like home in Australia. 

I whole-heartedly believe Australia is the most incredible country in the world for many reasons and wanted to experience as much of it as possible. 

Considering the vast horizons of the country and my core values, the only logical step for me was to buy a van and begin to tell the story!

Health & Wellness

When I was 25 my health suffered badly with cases of chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances.

While this period was testing, it was the biggest blessing I could ever have. I discovered that everything we're taught about health is completely wrong. I finally found that going back to nature was the secret to healing the body. 

Once I felt so good, I knew I had to share it with the rest of the world and set out on a mission to help people get their health back. 

We've since built a community of over 50,000 people from all around the world who are passionate about fasting, wholefoods plant based eating and personal evolution. I recently sold this brand to a company in the USA.

Digital Marketing

I've delivered and been a part of more online virtual summits than almost anyone in the world.

For over 4 years I've been on the front-lines of direct response digital marketing and with my own businesses and for companies and clients. I've been able to help generate more than 160,000 highly qualified leads resulting in over $9 Million in revenue.

I've become a master at making the complex seem simple and the difficult seem attainable with my innate ability to make direct response digital marketing applicable to all industries, niches and verticals.

If you're looking to launch an online virtual summit, or create an effective lead acquisition strategy learn more about my marketing agency!